Christian Louboutin shoes

Christian Louboutin shoes are easy recognized in the world of shoes designers because they have a variety of colour patterns and a rage among women. Trademark of Christian Louboutin lady shoes is red colored leather soles. Nowadays Christian Louboutin shoes have very strong positions in the world of fashion and have very big fan club in the world.

Its builder was born in France and now is one of the world's most known and popular shoe designers. He started to design shoes in school time in his notebook, and majority of his ideas was used for future Louboutin shoes collections. He also attended Chanel's and Saint Laurent's fashion schools. A billboard in Paris which instructed women tourists not to scratch the wooden surface in front of the Museum of Oceanic Art was the inspiration behind Christian Louboutin turning into a shoe designer. Louboutin began his professional career by opening up a boutique shop in Paris. It was the first Christian Louboutin boutique that acquired instant fame. The shoes designed by Christian range from Georgian to Oriental.

He also makes calf-hugging flat boots, platform-soled shoes and Christian Louboutin boots. Some of the famous Christian Louboutin shoes are high-heeled jeweled flip-flops, multi metallic leather sling backs and feather T-strap sandals. Christian Louboutin shoes are worn by some of the most glamorous women of the world like Carmen Electra, Naomi Campbell and Ashley Olsen.
Christian Louboutin shoes are leading the fashion trend.
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